Get Rid of Guilt and Live A Happy Life!


As mentioned in the previous article, guilt emerges from the concept of right and wrong which is believed by most people. In this concept, a mistake is considered to be something which is not better than something which is considered to be right. In fact, the concept of right and wrong is something relative and both right concept and wrong concept play important roles in our life.


As long as we believe the concept of right and wrong which had been planted by environment around us, it will be hard for us to get rid of guilt. Why?

I watched a video of an Indonesian famous religious figure. In this video, he gave a religious lecture. In question-answer session, a woman asked a question about her marriage. She told that she married a man whose religion is different from hers. The woman worried her relationship very much since she knew that according to holy book, marrying someone with different religion is a wrong thing. She looked very worried and questioned whether she’ll go to Hell for what she chose.

However, the religious figure firmly said that she must divorce her husband immediately since her marriage was illegal and it wouldn’t be blessed by the Almighty. In addition, this religious figure also stated that when she had divorced her husband, she could immediately marry a man with similar religion however his background was. She could also ask for the Almighty’s forgiveness in order that her previous 5-year marriage would be forgiven.

The woman cried bitter tears. I believe that she must be very upset. She must love her husband very much yet she must be afraid of the judgment from the religious figure.


We don’t realize that the concept of right and wrong is often planted in our heart. Our parents teach us which one is right and which one is correct and our parents get this understanding from their parents. In addition, religious doctrine had planted the concept of right and wrong since we were child. This concept also existed in our society life where we are forced to believe what people believe to be good thing.

Let’s imagine if we must face the rigid concept of right and wrong as the woman did in the story above. Of course we will live in fear and guilt: We will be afraid if we make mistake, cannot be forgiven, and cannot be accepted by people around us. Even God will punish us for our mistake.

In fact, God is the Merciful and All-Loving. God is the source of light and love who is very different from a figure who will judge and punish every human who does something which is considered to be wrong.

Given many effects of guilt, will you still believe the concept of right and wrong that people told you? Maybe it’s the time to think again which dogma is relevant and able to help our life’s development and which dogma will make our life worse.

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