You And Your Dream Job: How Close Is It?


Ied Mubarak holiday has ended and now you get back to work. Unfortunately, I often hear many complaints; laziness which occurs when you imagine Monday, being not ready to face stress at work, and hatred of your co-worker.

This is a very regrettable matter. We spend a third of day (or even more) every day to work. It is exhausting to face the unpleasant job and uncooperative friend/co-worker. I’m not surprised that you often lack energy and spirit when it comes to workday.

If you start to feel the thing mentioned above, it’s time to ask yourself; ”If this job is unpleasant, why do I have to stick this job any longer?”. If your current job is not your dream job, it’s time for you to find out things that block you to get your dream job.

Given that we spend a lot of time to work, our job has great effect on our life. Some of our habits and behaviour are sometimes influenced by our work pattern and workplace. We can be a more careful person since we are accustomed to our job demand. However, we can be an insecure person as well if we often face unsupportive co-worker. Therefore, it is important for us to figure out what our life goal is and how to harmonize our job with our life goal.

Maybe some of you complain your current job but you’re confused about what job that you look for and dream of is as well. Please dig and figure out what thing that you like is and what your life goal is. What drives you all along? What makes you full of spirit in your life all the time?

By answering those questions, you will be helped to find out what you need actually is; do you need to switch your job? Do you need to move to a different office? Or, do you just need to calm yourself down for a moment and back to do all of your jobs with full of spirit? Don’t forget to comment in comment column!

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