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Don’t read Tarot cards before you understand all these





There are three things that I always tell to my first time Card Reading clients. The start is always important because I want you to have the right mindset about Tarot cards.


1. Tarot as a message from the Universe

To begin with, we can receive messages from anywhere… books we’re reading, music, nature, advices from others, your conscience, and many other things. But, often times our mind is too busy to notice, we can’t receive the messages, or unsure about the messages that we’ve received. That is why Tarot cards can be used as a bridge between you and messages from God or the Universe.


2. We can forecast the future, but…

It’s true, reading the future is basically reading the potential energy of the future based on the condition and action taking place in the present. But, it is important to remember that nothing in this world is eternal, things can change. If, and when, the condition and our actions change, the future can also change. This is why there is no need to worry when you see Tarot cards you consider as “bad”. You can change your actions and find a solution in the present. Your fate is in your own hands.


3. Be honest and open to me

Tarot cards are funny. It can tell me things that you don’t tell me if it thinks it’s necessary and by knowing it, you can learn something good. Nevertheless, it is crucial for you to be honest and open.. in heart and in mind. When trust each other, together we can explore many things with Tarot cards.. finding answers, guidance, and even secret messages from the Universe.


Interesting, isn’t it? Is there anything you want to ask me through Tarot cards? Or maybe you’re curious about the process? You can contact me here. I will happily explain it to you.




If you have any other questions regarding Tarot cards and Card Reading session with me, you can ask through the comment box below.


Thank you for reading, commenting and sharing. May you always be able to receive the message from the Universe everyday.  See you!



Love and light,

Amelia Devina


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