Do you like to walk? Discover how to connect to your inner wisdom while you walk




Okay, this story is personal.

I love walking and it makes me feel alive.

Do you like to walk?


Every time I feel an overflow of energy within me or around me, I am guided, or even urged, to walk. And in time, I can see that I receive so much blessing out of this habit. It is almost magical that I know I have to share it with you here. If I like it and gain so much benefits from it, then you might, too. Today, I’d like to share why and how you can connect to your inner wisdom while you walk.


First, you release stress, tension and pain as you walk. We know that walking is a form of exercise. You can do it anytime anywhere without any hassle. It’s very easy, and that’s why I love it. When you walk, you get your body moving and you sweat. You see, it involves MOVEMENT and RELEASE and those really are what we need. (Especially if you’re like me: you spend most of your working hours sitting!!). As you walk, your body releases endorphin – and we know that endorphin is a natural drugs for releasing stress, tension and pain. You release the excess, unnecessary energy within you and around you. You’ll be surprised to find your body feels soooo much lighter after a walk!


Quiet your mind when you walk. Feel the presence of the nature around you. I am not saying that you may not talk to your friends while you walk, but I gain so much wisdom just by being in silence — one I cannot receive if I am busy talking with my walking partner. If you like accompany, feel free. But, I suggest that both of you to keep minimal to no conversation during the walk itself. Quiet your mind, observe the little things around you, be in awe in front of the nature. Say thank you. Be grateful for every little presence. If you’re like me, you might want to say hi or have a little conversation with the trees and flowers, and the kitties and the butterflies, too.


Start talking to yourself, instead. It’s the best remedy! Okay, I know it sounds contradictory. I suggest you not to talk to others, but YES, here I suggest you to talk to yourself instead. Here’s the magical little secret: As your body releases the toxic, endorphin and the excess old energy, your mind starts to focus on your steps and your surrounding — you become present, be in the here and now — mindful. You are happy, you are in peace. And this is why it’s the best time to connect to your inner wisdom! You can easily do so by listening to your inner guidance, the voice within. What’s the message for you today? Ask questions, listen or spontaneously reply (blah) the answers. You’ll be totally hooked!


Psst.. I usually prefer night walk to do this thing!




The key to have this contemplative walk is to TRUST and DO IT ANYWAY. There’s no right or wrong, do whatever suits you. Listen to your body. For me, generally after a good 20 minutes walk, I’ll just naturally gain insight and words are coming through my mouth. Sometimes I reply the messages from the Universe in my heart, and their wisdom are coming right from my mouth. Sometimes, it’s the other way around. Let it flow. Naturally. And just play.


You’ll know that it’s your inner wisdom talking to you when it’s compassionate, full of love, non-judgmental (even to yourself) and objective (there’s somewhat a distance between this voice and yourself). If you’d like to read more about this topic and have this kind of conversation going daily in your life, you can read my previous article here.


Now, it’s time for me to hear from you! If you’re in Indonesia, why don’t we set a time to have this meditative contemplative walk together? I really need your help here:

  1. Please give me suggestions on where we should do this walk.
  2. Do you prefer weekdays or weekends?
  3. Morning time or night time?

It will be so wonderful to have all of us sit in meditation, do this contemplative walk, listen to soulful music as we sing and share the wisdom we’ve received during the walk. Don’t you think so?


If you’re outside Indonesia, still, I want to hear from you:

  1. If you’ve done this before, what’s your best contemplative walking experience?
  2. If this is new for you, try to do it once and share your experience here with us.


Okay, thank you very much for reading Witnessday. It’s my pleasure to connect with you each and every week. And the best part of it is to able to hear from you. I wish you a magical walk where your inner wisdom talks to you loud and clear. Looking forward to reading your stories. I’ll see you soon!



Love and light,

Amelia Devina


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