Collective Karma and Its Relation to Mother Earth


Now we are in August. In the next four months, we will face the end of this year. Until now, how many gift that you get from the mother earth?


It is a wonderful gift for me to be born, grow, and work in Indonesia. I get many goodness that mother earth gives to me; oxygen to breath, clear water to drink and bath, vegetables and fruits to eat, and land where I build a house to live in. People take resource without protest or resistance from mother earth. It is a form of unconditional love that mother earth always gives.


Of course, It’s not only me who receive this goodness. I believe you do too. Mother earth gives not only our basic need but also easiness in life; wind to move the boat, rain to water the plants, and many other things that I can’t mention here. After receiving all of these goodness, what have we given to mother earth as our gratitude?


Instead of giving, we take and exploit all resource that mother earth gives without considering its impact. We want everything to be fast and instant. We create technology that ruins our environment. It’s not surprising me that we often face natural problems; endless transition period, dryness in the farm land, salt rareness, flood, and other natural disasters that make people suffer.


In addition, there are many cases that we often hear from mass media; corruption, bribery, shooting, bombing, raping, and many bad things. These things hurt other people who are the part of mother earth. Indeed, this matter is very influential to the condition of mother earth.


Actually, there are many things that we get although we don’t do anything. Unfortunately, instead of forwarding these good things, some of us do bad things. Although you and your family have tried to protect environment and do good things for other people, it’s not enough to make you free from problems. This is what we call collective karma; karma that ties all of us.


What we can do is to build collective awareness of the importance of developing and spreading goodness to keep the sustainability of mother earth and the harmony among people. We can do many things for that; offering our seat to those who need, giving the sense of safety and smile to people around you, and doing many things that can keep the sustainability of mother earth such as throwing garbage at dustbin, reducing the use of plastic, recycling, and saving resource that we have.


Thus, we will be more aware of collective karma and its relation to mother earth and the harmony of people. In your opinion, what can we do to keep the sustainability of mother earth? Please share in comment column 🙂

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