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Can we predict the future using Tarot cards?




What’s very beautiful about Tarot cards reading is when we finally realize that there is actually “another party out there” who know exactly what’s inside our heart. When the cards unfold and there we say, how come they know what we actually think and feel.


As though there is an angel, pats at our back, and says, relax, you are not alone… We are always here and we understand.


That is why, it is unfair to say that you can only use Tarot cards to predict the future. A card can say a lot to us when we know the right question to ask.




So, can we really predict the future with Tarot cards?

Just like businessmen with their economic outlook and the weather men with the weather forecast, a Tarot card reader can also predict the future.


Just like those mentioned above, what we do is forecasting a future potential. And exactly just like them, in Tarot, this forecast is also done based on the ongoing patterns and the current situation taking place at the moment.


As I explained in the previous article, because life is impermanent, the future has a potential to always change. What happen to our life tomorrow is a reflection of what we are doing with our life today. Therefore, whatever the forecast is – be it economic, weather, or even life – it does not mean there is a 100% guarantee that it will definitely take place. But, when the weather forecast say that there is going to be a storm tomorrow, you will be more likely not to go to a picnic, won’t you?


That’s how Tarot cards work. Tarot cards can help you understand what is actually going on in your life and relationship, your strength and weakness, and what you can do to better yourself. If you’re being selfish in your relationship and the cards show that your romantic life will get worse… well, it’s just natural. By knowing it, you can actually get a chance to alter your actions today and create a happier, more intimate relationship in the future.


Do you want to peek into the future? Click here.


Is there anything about Tarot cards or your future that you’d like to ask? Write down your comment below.


Thank you so much for reading. May you always be wise in your actions today so that your future is merry and bright. See you soon!


Love and light,

Amelia Devina


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