You Can Start a New Life Everyday!


I just had my birthday exactly three days ago. Thank you so much to all friends and family who sent me beautiful prayers and wishes. Your hope and your spirit support me to always give the best in life. Even more, they motivate me to get what it takes to let go the unnecessary baggage, start new routines and live my life better from this day forward.

I don’t think I’m the only one who feel this, perhaps every birthday boy and girl also feels the same. Moments like birthday make you want to leave the old habits, build new ones or even start a new life.

Unfortunately, many of us are very dependent on these certain moments to make huge changes in our lives. While actually, every day is the right time to start your new life.

Let’s ask ourselves, have we been waiting for a certain moment to make a change? For example, when you want to quit smoking, “I will make ‘quit smoking’ as my next year resolution! We are going to celebrate New Year soon, it’ll bring me more motivation to make the resolution come true. And I still have one more pack anyway.”

Or other thing for example, building a habit to clean the house. “I will start cleaning the house when I’m married. I have someone to do it for me now, I’ll just do it after I get married. It’s sort of like me building my new life, don’t you think so?”

Let’s be honest, do you do that a lot? Just relax, me too, I used to wait for the right moment to make a change in my life. At that time I thought if I start a new life at certain important moments, I would get the support I need to achieve my new goals. But the fact is, it doesn’t work that way!

Everything in this world is connected, including every little change in our lives. So every little change that we do is going to be an important moment that effects the other important moments – all of them supporting us to be the best version of ourselves, returning us back to become our higher self. So it would be kind of unwise if we just wait for certain moments so we can be better.

Even more for the fact that this life is bound by time that will not wait for us. So, instead of waiting for the right moment to make changes, it would be better if we think about how to make these changes as soon as possible. Moreover, we have spirit guides who always give their support and guidance whenever we need, right?! So, why wait?

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