A boy asks God to wait for him for a little while



One night, there is a cute little boy preparing his way to sleep. Just like any other day, his usual routine every night before he goes to bed is to stay in his room, kneel down beside his bed, place his hands together and say his prayer to God. And so, that night he does just that.

This little boy prays very, very solemnly. He expresses his gratitude for his parents, the tasty meals he ate, his friends at school, and he asks so that tonight he can sleep well and tomorrow he’ll get A for his exam.

That’s all he has just said, and suddenly someone is knocking on his bedroom door.

Knock knock knock…

Afterwards, he can hear a voice is calling him. It’s her Mom who’d like to enter the room.

But he is in the middle of a prayer! And he’s always very, very serious when he’s talking to God in his prayers. So now, this little boy gets confused. “Would that be respectful if I stop my prayer now and open the door for Mom? But, if I don’t answer Mom, that wouldn’t be nice either. She would think there’s something bad happenning to me inside here. Wouldn’t it be better if I finish my prayer slowly and let Mom wait for a while?” he keeps thinking.

But then, this little boy makes a decision.

That would be an important one for his whole life later.

He finishes his prayer for a while. He opens the door for his Mom who brings him a glass of warm water to drink. His Mom smiles. And so, he smiles back at her. They hug each warm and tight before going to sleep.

In his heart, this little boy comes to understand. That God would not be angry even if God has to wait. God is still there in his room, in that knock on the door just now, and also in the glass of warm water he’s about to drink.



To contemplate:

If you were in the position of this little boy, what would you do if your Mom/ someone else knock on your door? If you have or will have children later, would you teach them the same thing? Let’s open up your imagination and let’s share to one another. It may sound simple, but perhaps you may find this question a little hard to answer. Write down your comment below.

Thank you so much for reading. If you enjoy this short story, please help me share this article to your all your friends.

I pray so that during our lifetime, we’ll have enough wisdom to make the right decision that would bring love to as many people as possible, and not to mention, ourselves. Thank you and I’ll see you soon!



Love and light,





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