Amelia goes to Australia


Amelia goes to Australia-1


Hello, Friends! I am very much excited to visit Australia this time. It’s going to be a short stay and I’m eager to meet all of you there. I’ll be of service, and I want to help you in the VERY BEST way that I can.

I am a Certified QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) Practitioner, Tarot & Oracle Card Reader, Realm Reader and teacher. You have to know that in this field that I am practising, the limitation is only in our human mind. And so, therefore, through these practises of healing, you can receive blessings in both physical and mental. Let me guide you to discover the ultimate part of you…


So, first… What is QHHT?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is a physical and mental self-healing method developed by Dolores Cannon, a worldwide renowned hypnotherapist and regressionist with more than 40 years of experience and thousands of students all over the globe.

Different from regular traditional hypnotherapy, QHHT involves past life regression and communication with our High Self to understand the root cause of our challenges in life/ tendencies/ talents and abilities. Be prepared to:
– embrace positive changes,
– experience both physical and mental healing (including terminal and degenerative ilness; please read about what QHHT can heal),
– have your life-long questions about yourself and the universe all answered.

As a Certified Dedicated QHHT Practitioner, Amelia who is also an intuitive counsellor, teacher and writer from Jakarta, Indonesia, will get a chance to meet you all in Australia from March 1 till April 19, 2015. If you’ve been thinking of finding out your past through regression, if you want to break free from your past habits and start anew, if you want to have yourself physically and mentally recovered, if you want to tap into your Higher Self closer than ever before and receive guidance of light and love; this might be a very good chance for you. Let me help you in this journey together. Book your sessions NOW.

The price (energy exchange):
AUD 250 for the first session
AUD 100 for the subsequent sessions


What do I have to prepare before a QHHT session?
How is the process?
Read the testimonials here and the FAQ here.

The session lasts approx. 5-6 hours and privacy is a must. They are available in English and Indonesian. So, if you’re Indonesian and you want to read this information in Bahasa Indonesia, you can go to:



I need to get immediate answers. I’d like to have a tarot reading session.

Card reading is a great exciting tool to connect with your inner self, to listen to your heart, and to clearly open to the signs of the universe. You may have been calling, “Oh God, please give me a sign.” Perhaps, your sign is just right here! Waiting for you to deeply see and carefully listen. Allow yourself a time and space to have a break for a little while and listen…

Call upon God and your spiritual guide team, and with the magic law of attraction; Card Reading enables you to grasp a lot of information most probably already known to you (you just need someone else to restate these for you) and at other times, enables you to look deeper beyond yourself. With the help of universal love and the guide of ancient wisdom, my Card Reading sessions are ready for your assistance.


What are THE BENEFITS of attending this Card Reading session:

  • To help you pay attention and listen to your inner self and inner wisdom
  • To find the answers regarding
    • Life purpose
    • Career/ business issues
    • Romantic relationships
    • Difficult relationships
    • Decision making
    • Etc.
  • To find out the underlying past issues that need to be worked on and released
  • To seek guidance for future endevours
  • To reassure that you are always guarded, guided and guaranteed in each and every second of your life

Read testimonials here.

BOOK your intuitive counselling session:
AUD 30 for 30 minutes
AUD 50 for 60 minutes
AUD 75 for 60 minutes
AUD 100 for 90 minutes


To read more about REALM READING, click here.


I love to meet you all there. Wish you abundance, joy and beauty in life! Until then, take care. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me. Deepest love and deepest gratitude.

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