Be grateful, choose abundance over fear

Yes, we’re launching it!

Witnessday will be the official ‘cool name’ for your newsletters and it will also be the official title for your SOON UPCOMING LIVE programs.


Witnessday, comes from the words ‘witness’ ‘day’ obviously, is a gentle and yet firm reminder for us on how important it is to be a witness of our own lives. To be aware of our thoughts, words and actions… and to live and love life to the fullest. Sometimes we are so busy we even forget where we’ve been in life, where we’re going to and what’s the purpose of it all. Sound familiar?


So, why Wednesday?

First, honestly, because it rhymes. Second, because Wednesday is when you’ve had the hectic of Monday + Tuesday and expecting weekend to soon come. The newsletter arrives in the middle of it. To help you reflect and be grateful, and prepare you for the awesomeness that is going to happen for the rest of the week.


What to witness?

Each and every week, I will arrive in your inbox with a thing to share. It can be an inspirational quote or video for you to contemplate on, article about spirituality, consciousness or healing, or simple and yet powerful stories happening in our everyday lives. But, most of all, this is what’s important:

1. What can you get from these articles?
2. How can it help you to take actions to be the best version of yourself aka your true self?

Those are what I want you to do whenever it’s Witnessday. Let it be your guide and your shining light. Don’t just read it, share it and act upon it!


Today’s Witnessday lesson



Tony Robbins, the best life coach ever, is one of my most favourite humans on Earth. His presence and words are so powerful that you cannot help but to be moved beyond your limit. Once, I was so consumed by worries too. Like some of you, I felt so limited and that I didn’t have enough. In this quote, Tony teaches me to get out of ANY fearful thinking and to just act from the place of abundance. I can do so by realizing how rich I am with all I’ve got: supportive and loving family, fun loyal friends, health, resources, mentors, my brain, my attitude, my faith, the guidance I receive constantly from the Divines and many more. Just by being grateful, I suddenly feel so ABUNDANT and really, fear does dissipate.

Accordingly, abundance comes right to me. After the exercise, day by day, I receive more and more ideas, clients and like minded friends who later on become my work partners. You should try it, too. Take action NOW and let me know how this exercise help you erase your fear and feel abundant. Let’s reflect on these two questions:

1. What is your AHA moment while reading this quote?
2. After taking action, how do you feel and what are the results of it?

Share your experience in the discussion box on my page. Let us learn from one another. One lucky winner will receive FREE mini coaching session with me. This is #2 QUIZ, yeayyy! So, you really don’t want to miss this. Share this with all your family and friends, help them get inspired too!

Until then, let’s welcome the Aries new moon on April 18 and see you in the discussion page!



Love and light,




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