7 Simple Ways to Be More Grounded


Do you often be moody, careless and forget something? If so, communicating with nature may be one of ways which can help you to be grounded. As the name suggests, “grounded” means becoming aware of this time, aware of what happens to us right now. By becoming more grounded, it means that you focus more on yourself right now and you are not easily oscillated by surrounding circumstances.

On the previous article, I have shared with you some ways to communicate with nature. However, for you who find it difficult to find place and time to “have direct contact” with nature, this time I will share with you the easier way to do it.

1. Consume Food from Earth

In every human’s body, there is chakra, 9 points which connect energy flow. One of the ways which can help you to be more grounded is activating root chakra. Consuming food from Earth such as potato, carrot, and other vegetables will give relaxing effect to root chakra.

2. Tree’s Root Meditation
Those who are hard to focus and easy to be worried have energy which flows fast and fluctuates. The balanced and active root chakra can help you to stabilize this energy and therefore this energy can be calmer and flow orderly.

Usually, people often train to increase their focus by meditating using respiration object. But for this time, you can try to visualize your body as a tree. Try to sit upright and imagine that your body is a tree whose root grows downward, deeper and wider to the base of earth. As it grows deeper and its number becomes greater, you become more solid, relaxed, safety, supported, and strong. Do this meditation every morning when you wake up for 3-5 minutes to help you to be more focused and solid before starting activities.

3. Do Yoga Movement

Do you still remember root chakra which I told you on the previous point? Root chakra has very significant role in helping you to be more grounded. So, we ought to try various ways to activate it and therefore energy which flows in our body will pass root chakra without obstacle. Another way to activate it is doing Yoga movement.
Yoga movements are movements which help you to find balance and feel support which is given by Earth to you. Doing sun salutation in some sets every day will help you to be more focused, balanced and confident.

4. Using Essential Oil
Essential oil has good quality content (both on energy on vibration) which can help you to stabilize chakra which you can feel on your physical body. Therefore, using essential oil such as angelica root, cedarwood, frankincense and patchouli on various forms (perfume, face and body treatment or aromatherapy) can help you to stabilize energy on root chakra.

5. Take a walk barefoot
When you are at home, you are barefoot, right? In addition to home, to be re-connected to Mother Earth, you can try to walk barefoot at terrace, on the grass, or any other open area. Thus, you feel that Mother Earth is your home which always give her best support and therefore you can live and stay on her.
Feel and enjoy the feel of being supported, accepted, and fully-protected by Mother Earth who loves you just the way you are.

6. Using Crystal

The use of crystal for chakra can help you to stabilize the energy which is important for emotional and physical health. Every crystal has its own function; both to stabilize and strengthen chakra which you are focused. On choosing crystal itself, you must understand various aspects of crystal, including energy quality, color and resonance which you feel when you are with it.
To stabilize root chakra, you can use crystal such as Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz and Hematite. Then, you can put the crystal on foot area or location where root chakra exists (at the end of your thigh).

7. Making to-do list
When you are confused when dealing with various things at once, please try to make to-do list to help you to be more ordered. Arranging to-do list will help you to be more focused, planned and aware of circumstance around you. Thus, you will know what you have to prioritize and what you can do at the end of the day. Try to make to-do list orderly; both when you are working and when you are doing other things at home.

For you who often daydream and find it hard to focus on finishing your job, you can try these seven ways routinely. They will help you to be more grounded and healthy both physically and emotionally.

However, if you want to do specific personal session in order to make your life more grounded, you can contact me for sharing concerning meditation, recommendation of essential oil that suits you and arranging practical way to be more focused together with you. Have a nice try and good luck!

Love & light,

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