When these magical white flowers talk to me: 7 lessons I learn from Peace Lilies




Last week, I spent five days at Malaysia. And on the last day I was there, I took a time for myself to walk and be in the nature.

I always have a thing for white flowers, and when I came face to face with these Peace Lilies, I couldn’t help but stop, greet them and touch them with a big smile on my face.

As soon as I spend more time with them, insights are rushing through my head. Popping up like fresh popcorn. Instantaneous, sweet and warm. I know this is not the best analogy for it, but even writing this down bring tears to my eyes.

I am deeply touched by the richness and the great love of the nature! Be aware of how these magical flowers look from one pic to another.




So here are the seven lessons I have learned from these Peace Lilies on that day.


1. Do not be arrogant just because you’re young or beautiful.

We all are aging and will eventually become corpses one day.


2. Do not despise those who are old, wrinkled and slow.

They too are once young.


3. Do not despise those who are less pretty or less capable.

Each person is a human who has the right to be loved.


4. Do not judge someone or a situation by their appearances.

Understand its essence. Flowers, however they may look like, are still flowers.


5. And the same goes with humans. However they look and whatever they do, their true natures are the nature of the Divines.

No more and no less.


6. So, there’s no need to start judging and comparing.

In the end, we are the sprinkles of water coming from the One and the same Ocean.


7. Treat everyone and every creature equally.

We are different, but we’re all the same in essence. We all are God’s children.


You see, messages are everywhere! We just need to match our frequency to look and listen closely and clearly.

This is what I do in my Intuitive Counseling and Card Reading sessions. I help you to listen to your own inner wisdom and guidance by relaying these Divine messages to you.

It’s a simple and yet effective tool to let go of your burdens and become your true self! Right here and right now. Enjoy the expansion of possibilities, freedom of mind, perfect health, harmonious relationships and of course, financial abundance!


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And, if you’re like me and you like to talk to the plants ;p you too may receive messages that are right just for you. So, what’s the message you’re getting? Please share it with me and all of us here.

Again, and as always, thank you so much for reading, commenting and sharing this Witnessday. People say sharing is caring. And you know what, giving people a drop of inspiration any day is the same as the gift from heaven sent to people through your hands. It’s a godly donation!


I wish you are receiving beautiful Divines message throughout the week. And when you do, please don’t be shy and share with us here. Until then, take care. Lots of Peace Lilies kisses for you xoxo



Love and light,


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