5 Top Lessons When Making Difficult Decision in Life

Once in a while, you must make a difficult decision in life.


Going to Australia on last February was not an easy decision for me to make. But, eventually, I learn a lot about myself and about how magnificent the Universe works.


Often times, life presents us with moments when we have to make uneasy decisions. To execute an action, we take a lot of factors into consideration: our own willpower, financial condition, family and people around us, health and age, time, possibility of making profits and many more.

We may think that those factors are there to hold us up from our bright future, but actually, the true and ultimate limitation lies within our very own mind. The decision to leave the “hometown security” and go for 1.5 month has taught me some HUGE and SIGNIFICANT lessons in life.

It is not me who is less competent, not the lack of exuberant amount of money, not the lack of powerful networks, it is also not about too young of an age or too short of a time. Those are merely illusions on our mind. They are not real. Taking a difficult action in life gets me face to face with my own self, and these are five lessons that I can share to all of us when we are faced with a situation just like mine:


1. Know your goal
If you are going somewhere, you have to know where you are going to. With a clear goal/ motivation/ target, we are certain that our course of actions will not deviate from our core. Before making difficult decision, ask yourself: is this step helping me to get closer to my goal?

My motivation is more than just to attend an advanced QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) class. I go so that I can be a more qualified servant, to then be a channel of love and light for those around me. Here, I have a very certain and clear goal.


2. Start before you’re ready
You will never feel absolutely ready. So, just make a start. By saying “yes” to something new, the whole you will go to the next stage and will eventually be ready. Fear is only real to those who have yet to take their first steps.

Even if I was not thoroughly ready, I had to start with some preparations. But, when I say “yes” to the world, it lit up the flame in me. At that very moment, the manifestation work was in process.


3. Live faithfully
Do EVERYTHING with a faith that we are fulfilling our soul’s mission on Earth. Always prepare yourself for greatness, so when the time comes, we are all ready.

I have my 100% faith in my life mission and in the Divines. That is why, although it seems limited through humans’ eyes, faith gives me the COURAGE to go beyond my limit and there I find my true self.


4. Let abundance flows through you
When you know who you truly are, you know that everything is possible. We are part of the vast and remarkable God and Universe.

I tell myself not to let my ego (conscious mind) to get in the way of the abundance that may come. When I have succeeded in embracing my fear and realizing the divine in me, suddenly doors are opening for me. 


5. Do your best, surrender the rest
We experience bitterness because we are too attached to the results, we feel that we are supposed to get the reward/ success of our hard works. But, when we surrender, we are free.

I have everything, but at the same time, I know that nothing is truly mine. It is not about me, it is the works that are important. Therefore, I work with everything I’ve got, but then I dedicate my effort and the result to the Universe.


And….., some of my dreams have also come true during this trip. Yeayyy!!! One of them is to meet Julia Cannon, author of the book “Soul Speak”  and the daughter of Dolores Cannon, one of the world’s best hypnotherapist and past life regressionist with more than 17 published bookson topics such as past life, life after death, ETs, volunteer of the New Earth and many more. Something that once seems impossible now has become possible!



Now, it’s time for me to hear from you. Come join the discussion of this topic on my page and answer the question below:
Which one of these 5 points gives you the most value? Describe from your own perspective.

Share your story so we all can learn from one another.


As always, I also encourage you to share this article with all your family and friends. Who knows, one of them may be in need of such support and will thank you so much for this. See you in the next email, hope this episode of Witnessday can help you reflect and take control of your own life.




Love and light,





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