The Cause of Guilt


Who is the man in the world who is free from guilt? There is no human who is free from guilt, isn’t there? Although you always try to do the best for everyone and think carefully before deciding something, there will always be the one who thinks that what you do is wrong, unsatisfying, less good, etc. Sometimes, this case can cause guilt in yourself.

To find out the cause of guilt, you can recall when the first time you feel guilty is. Is there anyone who blame you directly or indirectly? Is it your parent? Is it your teacher? What did they say that make you feel guilty? Then, what did you feel when you heard what they said? Then, please remember what the risk or consequence of your act which is considered wrong is.

The guilt emerges because you feel that it is bad not to live up to everyone’s expectation on you. Indeed, this feeling is important to emerge and to be contemplated in order that you can train your empathy and improve yourself. However, if this feeling is “cured” with the wrong method, guilt will emerge. You will be less confident, underestimate, or even hate yourself.

In fact, the concept of right has value which is as important as that of the concept of wrong. These two concepts complete each other so that they cannot be separated. We learn from both concepts; we learn many things from mistakes and we understand many things from the rightness. So, why should we categorize something based on the concept of right or wrong?

In addition, the concept of right and wrong is about perspective; what you consider good is not always considered good by other people and vice versa. Right and wrong are only about perception and both have roles in individual’s development.

So, please absorb and understand that everyone can make mistake and those who relate to the mistake can learn something from it. Therefore, slowly you will be able to be free from the guilt who burdens you.

Good luck!

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