2016: Forecast & Divine Message




Each year bring its own unique energy. For me, 2016 will be a very exciting and interesting year because of all the opportunities it brings. This year’s themes are: achievements, changes, and wholeness. Let’s discuss these one by one.


9 Universal Year

2+0+1+6 = 9. Nine is the last number in numerology before it returns to the first number 1 (one). Therefore, 9 symbolises achievements, perfection, a complete cycle. On the previous years we’ve done a lot of learning and struggling, so 2016 is the year where we will be able to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Our hardwork has worth the while. Exciting, isn’t it?


Just like a turning wheel, 9 can be seen as the peak point before we start over a new cycle. And just like any other cycle, it also full of changes. 2016 specifically will bring changes in the way we think (paradigm), changes in the way we behave – lead us to introspect ourselves, are the old ways and patterns still relevant and worth doing? These will happen in all aspects of our lives, from business to family relationships.


It’s not a coincidence how the so-called financial crises and wars have been arising in 2015, effecting and forcing various parties to reevaluate and readjust their paradigm and decision making. Starting with European countries being flooded with refugees from the Middle East, businesses (almost) going bankrupt, employees losing their jobs, natural disasters, divorces and separations, etc. Are these bad? Not necessarily – it depends on how we view the situations.


The year of spiritual awakening

In term of spirituality, there is no good or bad. Everything happens because of the existence of cause and condition, because the situation needs to happen, and there is a lesson that suits the growth of our soul. Because of all these achievements and changes that we’re going to face, 2016 becomes such a spiritual year. Towards perfection, just like a full moon. Towards wholeness, just like the number 9 itself.


Spiritual doesn’t mean we have to exile ourselves to the mountain top or practice occult. Spiritual means returning to our true selves, listening to our heart (intuition), becoming the best version of ourselves. This is why, no matter what kind of spiritual expression you’re looking for, find it and develop yourself through it this year; just do it! Spend more time to meditate and talk with ourselves, spend more time listening to our heart, and spend more time to be closer to the Divine.




5 simple tips to shine in 2016

So, concretely speaking, what do we all have to do so that 2016 can truly be a year full of achievements and wholeness for us? Follow the 5 practical steps below.


1. Let go of everything that is no longer necessary as soon as possible

Changes will happen smoothly if we can let go of everything that is no longer needed (energy, friendship, source of income, etc.) , those which are no longer suitable with ourselves. To move fast, travel light.


2. Be yourself no matter what

We can listen to people’s advice, but only you know what you truly think and feel. No matter how the outside condition affects you, stay true to your heart.


3. Meditate everyday

2016’s energy that is full of inspiration and wisdom means we need to spare some time to digest the information and reflect. Spare some quiet time everyday. It doesn’t have to be long, even 10 minutes is enough.


4. Gather with people that can help you to achieve
Amidst all the actions and changes that is happening this year, be sure that you are among all the people that can support you to better yourself. Let go of the people that suck your energy and bring your thought to negative.


5. Be brave enough to acknowledge and access your spiritual self

2016 is the year of spiritual awakening for every one of us. Because of this, be open-minded and follow where the light leads you to. Listen to your intuition, seek and see your teachers, join workshops that help your soul to learn. If you need a self-healing method to help accelerate your growth and wisdom, you can also try the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) method that I practice.


If you think that this article is useful, feel free to share it to all of your friends. Which part of the article is your favourite 2016 forecast? Let me know in the comment box below.


And if you’re interested in doing personal card reading to see how 2016’s energy will affect you, you can click here. Together we will see, from month to month, what is the potential of 2016’s energy in every aspect of your life: career and finance, family and romantic relationship, health, and just anything you’d like to ask.


Thank you Amelia for being so, so patient with all my questions and being there for me. You are an amazing reader. Thank you, this reading is a beautiful New Year gift for me. It’s such a beautiful reading and you have such a beautiful soul. I wish I can learn more from you, to be strong.

Peter, Culinary business owner
Sydney, Australia


Now I know what problems I had in the past, my current situation and the potential I have in the future. I understand what is going on inside of me and I know what I have to do next. This is not about fortune telling, but it is a learning about myself and my own potential in life.

Adrian, Librarian
Jakarta, Indonesia

I pray so that 2016 will be a year full of happiness and achievements for you. Thank you for reading and sharing. See you!


Love and light,

Amelia Devina


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