13 Signs That Your Partner Is Not That Into You




Have you ever fallen in love? Have you found someone you would want to spend the rest of your life with? Or you just met someone who you wish to be “the one”? Have you known them long enough though? Or you’re just crazy in love right now and you ignore all the signs that maybe are giving you hints about them and the potentials of whether you should take the relationship to the next step..?


People say that love is blind. But in my opinion, if it’s blind, then it must not be love. When you love someone, use both of your heart and your brain. When people are in love, they are usually going to ignore all the bad qualities about their partner. I mean, it’s nice if you accept them the way they are, but if their bad behaviours only bring you suffering, why are you trying so hard to save the relationship anyway?


But what if you are the stubborn one? And… boom!! It turns out that you fall in love with the wrong person! Wouldn’t that hurt so much? Before it’s too late, I’m going to share some signs that your partner might not be that into you, and you can save yourself (and start to see how precious yourself actually).


1. They don’t include you in any agreement

If you are still new to the relationship, maybe your partner think that it’s not the time yet to let you in to make decisions. But what if you’ve been in the relationship long enough and you feel left out? Maybe your opinion doesn’t matter much to them.


2. They are fine without hearing from you

You wouldn’t want a needy partner, right? But what if they don’t even say hi, or ask what you’re up to, and share their feelings with you?


3. They don’t care about your day

It’s nice to go home to someone that cares about you. But what if when you are tired from a long day at work and you want to vent out to the one person that you think can relate to you, and they don’t care about it? It might hurt.


4. They are too demanding

They keep demanding you to be what they want you to be. But isn’t love is about accepting people the way they are? They keep pushing you without even care whether you want it or not, or worse, sometimes you can’t even say no.


5. They don’t want to get to know your friends

It must be horrible if your friends don’t get along with your partner; because before you’re with your partner, your friends are always there for you. So it’s not fair to just get rid of your friends, right?!


6. They don’t introduce you to their families

Some people might think it’s not that important, but in Asian cultures, introducing your lover to your family means a lot. Chances are they’re serious about you and want you to get to know their family and want them to accept you. But what if you are often being “hidden” and when you want to meet their family or when you ask them to meet your family they always say, “maybe sometime in the future, I’m not ready”?


7. They are not affectionate

Sometimes there’s that kind of couple who doesn’t like to show affection in public. But what if they don’t want to be close to you when you’re out with them? And what if they still seem distant when you’re alone with them? They don’t show you the affection you need.


8. They don’t want to try a little harder for you

It’s nice to see your partner putting some efforts to be with you or to help you. But what if your partner doesn’t even bother to help you when it’s actually something easy for them to do? Do they actually care about you?


9. They don’t pick up your calls

When your partner keeps “forgetting” to call or they even don’t pick up your calls… WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?


10. They treat others as nice as they treat you

You’re flattered with the way they treat you, but… please notice how they treat others. Are they being nice only to us or are they being nice to just everyone? Are you really that special to them?


11. They prefer to go out with friends

It’s okay if they want some me time or the time to hang out with their friends. World doesn’t revolve just around us though. But if they keep cancelling plans that we’ve been planning for weeks and prefer to go out with their friends, you better think twice.


12. You’re the one who has to ask them out

You have to be the one who initiate things, anything — either they don’t have any ideas or they just don’t care. You keep being the one who ask them out, and honestly, it’s tiring. I mean it takes two to tango, your partner needs to put some efforts as well.


13. You’re the last one to know about almost anything

Do they forget to tell you or they just don’t think that you’re important enough to know about their life? You sure don’t want to know the important things from others, right? Maybe it’s time for us to realize that we are not the important one in their life.


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So are you currently or had a relationship with those kind of people? Or have you seen these types in certain people? Please share your experience in the comment column below.


And if you are in this kind of situation and you need help and support, please don’t ever be hesitate to contact me here.


Thank you for reading. Please share this article to your loved ones who need it. See you soon!


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