10 signs you are moving to the New Earth

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Hello, how are you this past week?


In the previous article, we discussed about QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) being named as the no.1 method to raise your vibration to move into the New Earth.


But what does it mean by New Earth? Is it what’s considered to be the end of the world? Will Earth perish? And how could we leave the Old Earth vibration which is full of negativity and fear, and move towards New Earth’s vibration of loving kindness and peace?


The following video can help us understand what New Earth phenomenon is.



Great, now we have started to understand a little bit more. Earth’s existence will split into two dimensions: 3D and 5D. And eventually, the dream about the presence of an ideal Earth will come true. This occurrence will not happen in a blink of an eye, or just in one particular day. It is long, gradual process.


So, do you feel you are taking part in these changes? Perhaps the answer is ‘YES’, without you ever noticing about it before. Let us see the 10 situations which can be a sign of you moving to the New Earth.



Which 1 of these 10 signs resonates with you the most? What is your experience? Share about it here. If we discuss it together, you may then realize that this is not happening to you alone. This is a global movement! 🙂


Yeay..! I hope you are learning a lot of valuable information today. Wish you pleasant days ahead and see you soon!



Love and light,



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  • Hi, let me share my own experience first. Well, actually, it’s not easy to pick 1 out of 10 signs that are deeply connected to me. But, if there’s only 1, I’m choosing sign number 8: begin to see life’s illusion. Happiness and sorrow, irritated by someone’s behaviour or loving someone, “good” or “bad” relationships, daily phenomenons — all are just illusions. Apart from the reality that we see things differently, all are illusions because they are “plays” we are creating here on Earth, in order for us to learn. Without joy and conflicts, and all other emotions, it won’t be easy for our souls to grow. That’s why it’s good not to take things too seriously. They are merely lessons. Time for us to be good students here ;D