10 Islamic Quotes About Universal Consciousness




In about one week, Muslims all around the world will celebrate eid Al-Fitr. The day full of inner satisfaction, family bonding and noble value to forgive one another.


During this holy month of Ramadan, I peculiarly compile 31 Quran quotes about universal consciousness – the principal truth and the laws of the Universe which apply to each and everyone of us, no matter what our cultural background or religions are.


And after going through this compilation process, I invite you to look at this interesting phenomenon. That the face of Islam is actually very universal and spiritual, far from the rigid impression shown in the mass media.


Please be aware that I’m not a missionary of any religion and I am not here to preach you about any religion. My only goal here is to share to you.


As it gets more interesting and before you continue reading, let’s make a deal:

– you will be open minded and open hearted while reading this quotes.
– empty your glass and read from the viewpoint of a curious child.
– you can choose to pray so that the Universe will guide you to fully and deeply comprehend these messages.


In this edition of Witnessday, I am sharing with you 10 Islamic Quotes About Universal Consciousness. I am sure these quotes will enlighten you as they have enlightened me.



1. God is the Infinite Light.


2. God is so close to us and God always answers our callings.


3. Whichever way you turn, you can see the face of God.


4. We are created from a single soul, we all are one.


5. God breathed His Spirit into us, so that now there is this Spirit of God lies within us.


6. We will gather and our souls will return to God.


7. We die and we live again, we die and we live again, to then return to God.


8. We make no distinction between the Prophets, the Gurus and what they teach because we all surrender ourselves to the same God.


9. All of the Universe are the expression of praises to God, even the birds with wings outstretched give the same message. We have different ways of praying and that is okay.


10. Life is a game. Our goal is to learn, and the emotion and condition we experience are illusion so that we can learn better and faster, and be awaken.



So, what is your opinion after going through these ten quotes? Which quote enlighten you or touch your heart the most? Do let me know and we can start an interesting discussion afterwards!


You can read the complete 31 Quran quotes about universal consciousness on my facebook page. Click ‘like‘ to see new quote posted on your newsfeed everyday. Give comments and ‘share‘ it with your friends. You, too, can play a part to increase the global consciousness in just one click.


Thank you so much for reading. And remember, whichever way you look, you see the face of God. Look in the mirror. See you soon!



Love and light,

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